Friday, May 1, 2009

Hini - it's going to be a thing

There is a new flu strain out from Mexico that may prove to be the one we have been warned of lately. It's not an avian flu from Asia as was touted but rather a porcine variant from here in North America. We've been back and forth over the severity and whether is is just a normal flu variant or whether it might be a full blown movie-level pandemic.

Due to lobbying from the Pork industry, the Swine Flu potential pandemic is now being referred to by the CDC name - H1N1. It seems that by referring to it by Swine Flu it was affecting their prices of the meat.

Since it would apparently be wrong to refer to it as the Mexican Flu (even though it is being compared to the Spanish Flu following World War 1) we have to come up with a new name.

H1N1 doesn't really roll off the tongue though. I propose we refer to it as 'HINI' or HI'-nee. It also helps to cutesify it up should it prove to be as much of a deadly event as is being reported.

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David said...

I sent this off to my friend Mike at the CDC. He doesn't think it will catch on - HI-nee.