Thursday, April 30, 2009

FCBD - you had me at Free

Saturday, May 2 is Free Comic Book Day.

Once a year, the industry gets together to try to get more comics in the fans of potential fans. Current, uber-fans take advantage of this day to try to score as many copies as they can. Even still, it's a good excuse to try and make it in to your local comic book store and check it out.
With the economy as it is, I am sure they could use the new faces. Since most of the stores have diversified over the years, and now carry toys, games, videos, as well as other lines, they should have something that you are interested in that they would be very happy to sell to you.

The link above has a part where you can find which stores are participating in FCBD in your area. Hopefully a few of our local ones missed the listings as we don't seem to have too many this year.

We'll try and hit a few. I can look for Monsterpocalypse figs at the same time.

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