Monday, May 4, 2009

FCBD - post game

We did partake in the Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. We only went to 2 stores this year – Galaxy comics and Comics Factory IV.

We didn’t make it over to Comics America this year. Last year they were pretty sticky about only 1 comic per person so we didn’t bother.

We went to Galaxy first. They usually do 1 comic per adult and 2 comics per child so that’s much better. Plus I picked some Monsterpocalypse boosters from the new I Chomp NY set to get the Shadow Shinobi Unit.

Then we went to Comic Factory IV. Jarett’s always pretty good about FCBD comics – as long as you don’t go crazy, he’s pretty soft about limits. Plus, he usually has a bunch of stuff on sale. We picked up a bunch of mini-graphic novels and I got the Marvel Universe RPG and the Hulk/Avengers book for $2 each.

All-in-all, another sucessful year.

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