Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Figure painting total - missed Jan and April

T thought that I had posted these already but it looks like I had left them as a draft.
Back in January, I had picked up 3 of the new sets of the Disney Fairies to add more figures to Fairy Meat. There are 7 figures in the set but I will leave one set unpainted.
In April, I had finally picked up the Warhammer: Island of Blood set. I figured that they were coming due for a new Warhammer set, so I figured that I would buy this as a placeholder. Plus it contains a large amount of cool figures as they usually do. As it turned out, this was the perfect time to buy it as the Age of Sigmar came out right afterwards.

Disney Fairies for Fairy Meat – 14
Warhammer – Island of Blood boxed set – 74

Running total 2015 Jan to Apr – figures bought 88, figures painted 0

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