Monday, November 9, 2015

Figure Paining Total - Oct

In October I picked up a bunch of figures on sale during holidays – some 40K figures - Necrons, plus the ones in the the Assassinorum: Execution Force board game (which has the same Chaos Cultists as in the 40K boxed set), and another Egyptian Cavalry box for Arcane Legions – which mostly contains the Nuetral Mongol riders.
Back in June I had also picked up the PVP edition of figures for the Frag game. I didn’t have it at the time, but since they were on 40% off I snapped them up. This helped to decide to pick up Frag in September.

To no surprise, painting still has not happened. But, since the wife is pushing to have that room cleaned, priority on that has moved up the list and may actually happen sooner. Once the desk is cleaned down, project work can happen again, including painting. Once that starts, I’ll probably start getting the Batman Miniatures figures.

Frag PVP figures – 5
Arcane Legions – Egyptian Cavalry – 15
Assassinorum: Execution Force - 23
40K Necron Command Barge/Annihilation Barge – 2
40K Necron Battleforce – 31

October figures bought – 76
October figures painted – 0

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