Wednesday, April 24, 2013

take the floor

Since Shan had already ripped out the carpeting in anticipation of getting the new furniture we thought it might be a good time to put in laminate flooring. We removed the baseboards and pulled out all the staples from the underlay. We picked up ten boxes at Rona and my dad came over to help. We moved the furniture forward a bit and did the first three rows but it went pretty slow. After he left we read the instructions and found out we weren’t quite following directions.

The next day my folks came over – I had left them a message about the instructions and we came home we were very surprised to see that they had completed all but the last three strips. Since they had to move the furniture, including the dog kennel to do this much we were very impressed.

We pulled out the dvds from the wall unit and moved it on to the new flooring so that we could finish. This required another trip to Rona for one more box of flooring and the transitions. That was finished up in good order and we moved the wall unit and bookcases back. We still need to get baseboards but since we need to remove the wallpaper and paint, we can wait for those.

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