Thursday, April 25, 2013

by title or theme?

In removing the dvds in order to move the wall unit for the flooring, we got a chance to put them back in a new order. Previously I had them organized by theme, in roughly the order in which they were bought. While this worked fine for me to find movies, it was a bit harder for others to find movies if I wasn’t there.

Since we had to take them all out anyways, I took this time to sort them as my wife wanted – alphabetically. While I liked having all the werewolf films together – American Werewolf in London, Cursed, Dog Soldiers, The Howling, Silver Bullet, Wolfen, and so on, they are now spread over multiple shelves.

I did make a few caveats. All the TV series are together on one shelf.  All the kids movies are on two shelves.  All the movies series are together – allowing Pitch Black to remain near the Chronicles of Riddick, as well as keeping the various James Bonds films together.

We’ll try it this way for now. It should be easier to slip in the new movies as I left room on the shelves for new acquisitions. It would probably be less of an issue if we didn’t have to double-layer the dvds. We used to have to triple-layer the dvds but freed up a few shelves by not putting back the VHS movies. We’ll have to move the shelves again when we add the baseboards and paint so I can always move them around again if I find that this isn't working out.

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