Monday, April 15, 2013

A couch too far?

We recently picked out new furniture for the living room to replace the old couch, loveseat, and chair that we had. The chair had to be removed to make room for the kennel and the couch had bad springs and had been clawed by the cats. The loveseat had been a replacement from Shan’s folks when they had upgraded their set and replaced the old loveseat that went with the set.

It was the first major piece of furniture that we bought since getting married and it turns out that we have vastly different preferences in styles. Shan likes her couches deep and overstuffed – with lots of comfy pillows. I prefer my couches with clean lines, low arms, and attached back cushions. We were at such an impasse that we had to go back with the kids to see if they had a preference but they were no help in deciding.

We ended up picking neither set that we like but instead compromised on a set that we both disliked a bit. When we had it delivered though they could not get the couch in to the living room. It seems Shan’s old set had a smaller than normal couch – and that took a bit of maneuvering to get in originally. We had to go back and reselect.

After much consideration and measuring we decided to get a second loveseat instead of a couch. The new loveseats are only a few inches shorter than the old couch. We also added an ottoman to the order – but the delivery would have to wait another week. Since we had already taken the old sofa to Value Village we were a bit cozy for that week with just the old loveseat.

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