Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heroclix overview - 2012

While I didn’t achieve many of the goals I left last year, I do feel better about my Heroclix collection. I did get a few packages to start filling some of the gaps in my sets and picked up a few of the LE/single-figure-box sets as well as kept up with the starters and Fast Forces sets. I didn’t pick up any bricks but did get a brick of Batman:Streets of Gotham as well as a few boosters for Christmas. I did manage to complete one set – Justice League. I also picked up most of the Batman Alpha sub set, including the Target exclusive figure, now only needing 4 more to complete it.

In addition to the 4 regular sets that they published, and the single-figure-box sets that went with them, they also churned out another 5 mini-sets as well as eight starters/Fast Forces sets to go with them. That’s too much. Even if I had dedicated much more resources to keeping up I still would be behind.

I’m still close on Ultimates (6+7), Mutant Mayhem (3+7), Legacy (6+11), Fantastic Forces (0+2), Armor Wars (11+1), Collateral Damage (8+0), Supernova (6+0), Origin (9+0), Avengers (0/3), Mutations & Monsters (1/5), Crisis (0/10), Secret Invasion (2/6), Arkham Asylum (0/6), Hammer of Thor (3/8), Brave and Bold (8/7), and Web of Spider-Man (9/11). I’m still working away at Sinister (14+2), DC 75 (33/11), Avengers Movie (17/18), Chaos Wars (38/9), DC 10th (18/0), Marvel 10th (18/0), Batman (47/11/5), and Batman:Streets of Gotham (26/15/3). I still haven’t picked up any of Giant-Size X-Men (45/13/6), Captain America (47/11), Incredible Hulk (36/10), Galactic Guardians (36/10/6), The Dark Knight Rises (29/0), and The New 52 – Justice League (21/0).

Right now, I need 760 figures – 561 REVs and 199 U/SRs. This is almost as many as when I started keeping numbers – back in April of 2007. Any brick purchased would have brought both of these much closer. Counting figures by Wizkids or Neca – 126/634 compared to last year’s number of 155/258 you can see that I made a little progress towards the old figures and see the amount of new figures churned out this year.

I kept up with the starters/Fast Forces sets – managing to find the ones I had missed so all of those are current.

On the large figure side, I still need the Spectre, two Fooms, and both of the Phoenixes as well as the original Manhattan and Galactus. I even picked up some of the maps but still need most of the new maps – although I did get the Helicarrier maps.

That one last LE from Horrorclix still evades me. I’m going to put a bit more effort into finishing that off. I’ve still been looking for another another map from the Cthulhu set.

I’ve got that last ARC-170 to get to ‘complete’ what I want from Star Wars minis. I’ll probably try and get some more Monsterpocalypse figures. I still have to look out for the Voltron set. I am also hoping to fill in the gaps in my Cheapass games as well as pick up a few new games. This will cut into my ‘Heroclix budget’ for 2013.

I’m going to try and keep up with the Fast Forces/starters as well as some of the smaller sets. I’ll try to pick up some of the previous sets as well as some of the figures needed to work at finishing the older sets. I’m hoping to complete at least two more sets as well as keeping the number of figures to under 1000.   I'd like to see the number of pre-Neca figures be under 100.

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