Monday, January 7, 2013

Figure buying total 2012

So my January purchases ended up being all the unpainted miniatures that I ended up buying for last year.  I did pick up two tubs of pirates and skeletons in October that I did not add here - mainly because I have no current plans to paint any of them for any games.  If this changes I will add them to the buying total.

40K Kroot Carnivores (in bits) - 12

40K Raveners (in bits) – 3
2 sets Western Wagons and figures - 22
Dreadfleet – Windgauge and Ships’ Wheel – 3
Dreadfleet – Navigation Rod Ruler – 1
Dreadfleet – Treasure tokens - 5

Final total 2012 – figures bought 46, figures painted 0

I also did not paint any figures this year.  I came close with the Tron figures and the animals for The Rules With No Name but still have not been able to complete any.  The pressure on my first completed figure now builds.  With the new edition of 40K and the rules worked out on the Tron games and TRWNN, I have hopes of finally painting something this year.

However, I also have hopes of picking up more 40K figures - ideally not until I get over the edge of painting some for use.

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