Wednesday, December 5, 2012

more wiring fixed

In correcting the bathroom light, some of the wiring had to be rerun. In order to rerun the wiring some holes were cut in the hall as well as the bathroom ceiling. The bathroom ceiling has been a mess since we had some leaking a few winters ago.

After a trip to Rona for supplies, we replaced the wet insulation and tuck taped up the plastic. As we had suspected, the vent tube from the exhaust fan was no longer attached to the outside vent but was instead venting warm, moist air into the cool space of the roof. Using duct tape, we fixed that as well.

So we had a bit of leaking while the air space cooled due to condensation. We left the drywall off and cut a hole in the plastic sheeting to allow drainage. It drained for a couple of days and then was fine. But with the warmer days we had, a bit of the ice dams on that end of the roof melted and needed to be drained as well.

We’ll get it ready – but not close up the drywall until before Christmas. We might open it back up to check before the spring melt.

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