Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nutchos – for nut nuts

At this time of the year I get nostalgic for Nutchos. For those of you who aren’t “nut nuts”, Nutchos were a chocolate that Nestle used to make that was loaded with nuts but didn’t have caramel. They used to come in a six inch cube with three or four layers of chocolates and they were only really available around the holidays.

They were always hard to find. Luckily, Shan was also a fan so when we came across them shortly after getting married, we bought a half dozen of them to tide us over through the year. For the next few years we made sure to top up our reserves when we could. Then they came out a few years later with a flat box and a slightly different recipe – having swapped out some of the nuts for crisps but we still picked up a bunch of boxes.

We haven’t seen any of them at all for the last few years so they might have been taken out of production again. There doesn’t really seem to be an alternative - with the Pot of Gold nut collection being pretty hit-and-miss for quality, it seems that we are out of luck.

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Mary said...

Yup. My brother and I always did the same! Until the new recipe, that is; they just weren't the same after they added the crisps. :(
Was thinking about making my own, but can't find a decent recipe. People seem the think they had potato chips in them!!! ?!?!? NO.