Thursday, November 29, 2012

Renos - counters and door to deck

Last week Monday was a busy day for renovations. They came in to change the kitchen window out for a door. They also replaced the kitchen counters.

Even though they had checked before, there was an electrical wire running under the window that had to be rerouted. Shan had picked out the door but we thought it have more glass in it. The one installed was solid – which makes that corner a bit darker.

In rerouting the wire, we lost power to a few outlets on the counter as well as the bathroom light. We got to use the battery powered camp lantern for a few days until we could get the electrical fixed.

The counter replacement went smoother. Both the large one by the sink and stove as well as the smaller one between the fridge and freezer were swapped out. We had the old one replaced with a darker one that will match better with the new flooring when that gets done in the new year.
Since they had to take the sink and taps out to replace the counter we had them put in new taps that we had picked out at Rona.  The stainless steel double sink we had was still fine so we just reused it.

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