Friday, May 4, 2012

Penny, ... penny, ...penny.

They are pressing the last pennies today.  

I still blame you.

Well, the blue party took the power from their majority win and went ahead and did it.  They have phased out part of our currency.  Granted, the pennies cost more to make then they are worth, but metal currency also lasts longer than paper currency - which is why they replaced our paper ones and twos with loonies and twonies (and why they are talking about doing the same to the five).  But most people kept socking them away in jars instead of actually using them.

 The old pennies will still be legal tender for years but they will no longer make any more new ones.  Pennies that are still in circulation can still be used.  Maybe this will get some of you to cash in some of the bowls and jars of pennies you are hording.  Purchases will be rounded off to the nearest penny for anyone paying by cash.  Payments by cheque, debit, or plastic will still be exact change.

I am so ashamed of our country for doing this.  I can't believe we let this happen.

Fair warning to you all.  The penny will remain on any scavenger hunt list I make for quite a while – so save at least one. 

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