Monday, April 30, 2012

Ogre Kickstarter - Canadian shipping listed!

With just under two weeks left, they have locked down the pricing for the shipping up to Canada.  Shipped to the States would be $100, shipped up to Canada would be $152.  It seems a bit high – but they softened it a bit by including the PDFs from the $30 level.  Plus with gas, it would almost cost that to make the trip down to the States to pick it up.

It’s going to be a big hit in duties.  Thankfully not as big as it could have been had it been a UPS solution but it will still be up there.  That will be future-David’s issue though.

Now I just have to get a prepaid card to make the payment.  That’s going to take a bit of work convincing the wife to allow me to temporarily use some of the set-aside money now and replace it over the next month or so.

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