Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arkham City / Asylum

Arkham City just came out for the xbox 360 and the boy was pushing hard to get it. We picked it up for him right away, for Christmas. But he kept on pushing hard for it. We had to tell him that they didn’t have it at Walmart (which they didn’t) and that we have bought all the Christmas presents already (which we had). When we went out on Dec 16th, we told him that we didn’t buy it that day (which we didn’t).
We told him he could always download it if he gets xbox live points but he wailed that it’s not available on download yet – only on a disc. He was quite worked up about the possibility of not getting it.

While we were out, we saw that they now had Arkham Asylum in the discount bins. I told the wife that we should buy it, and give it to him all excited-like to see his reaction in thinking that we misunderstood him. She said that would be evil and mean. Funny, but mean.

So I picked it up on the 20th at Future Shop. The clerk had one in the back room. He agreed that it was mean – but in a funny way. While wrapping it we showed my daughter who, not understanding the difference, felt that he will be excited to get it.
- - -

Usually, on Christmas day, the kids don’t wake up super-early. Usually, they drag themselves downstairs by 8 or 9 in the morning. This year the boy was up by 6am and all excited to open gifts.

After opening the stockings and Santa gifts, we started handing out the presents. To his credit, when he opened Arkham Asylum, he didn’t look disappointed. He did tell us that it wasn’t the right one though. Then we opened the soft gifts – clothes and such. That’s when he said he was starting to get tired and looked a bit like he had lost some energy.

So we let him open the other one. He was much happier with that one. He started playing the Arkham City first. As of yesterday, he had finished the basic game – he still has additional missions he can play. He has started playing the Arkham Asylum.

He does appreciate the humor in the way it was done but he thinks it would have been more fun if we had done it to Gee instead.

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