Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Heroclix overview

I didn’t pick up much this year – Heroclix-wise. I got a few LEs at the beginning of the year and some of the Fast Forces and the Doctor Manhattan for Christmas. In between, they cranked out another three sets and my numbers only increased. Even though all three sets were Marvel based, I still didn’t pick up any of them.

Again I finished no Heroclix sets. I’m no closer than I was at the start of 2011 but rather farther back due to the new sets.

I’m still close on Ultimates (6+7), Mutant Mayhem (3+9), Legacy (6+11), Fantastic Forces (0+2), Armor Wars (11+1), Collateral Damage (8+1), Supernova (9+0), Avengers (0/3), Justice League (0/3), Mutations & Monsters (1/5), Crisis (0/11), Secret Invasion (2/6), Arkham Asylum (0/6), Hammer of Thor (3/8), Brave and Bold (8/7), and Web of Spider-Man (9/11). I’m still working away at Sinister (18+3) and Origin (23+0). I haven’t picked up any of DC 75 (33/11), Giant-Size X-Men (45/13/6), Captain America (47/11), or Incredible Hulk (36/10).

Right now, I need 413 figures – 274 REVs and 129 U/SRs. This is close to where I was at the start of 2008. Any bricks would have brought both of these much closer. I have also started counting figures needed by Wizkids or Neca – 155/258.
I did manage to get the Dr Manhattan as well as the reprints of the Apocalypse and both Sentinels from Giant-Size X-men. They look like they’re cranking out at least another three sets in 2012. I’m going to try and keep up with the sets, and pick up some of the previous sets as well as some figures to work at finishing the older sets.
I still need the Spectre, two Fooms, and the Phoenixes as well as the original Manhattan and Galactus. I also need all the new maps – from Hammer of Thor onwards. As well, I am going to try and pick up the other Fast Forces sets – which also come with maps.

I still need that one last LE from Horrorclix. I’m going to try to get that to finish that off. If I can, I’d like to get another map from the Cthulhu set.

Where did I spend all my Heroclix money? I picked up more 40K bits – more Tyranids plus a bit of Tau. I also got the entire set of FASA Crimson Skies rules, and some more Babylon 5 Call to Arms books. I picked up a bunch of Arcane Legions and a lot of Tron toy for use at Keycon. I got a bunch more Dr Who mini figures and a few other books and games.

I hope to get more 40K codices – being caught up on the rest of the fourth editions I am missing. I’m still looking for the Babylon 5 Call to Arms and Earth/Minbari War books and some of the Starship Troopers RPG books I am missing. I still want to get that final ARC-170 from the Star Wars Miniature Battles figure as well as the Power of the Force Luke’s Snowspeeder. I still might even get a bunch of Snowtroopers and Hoth Troopers. I also want to get the All Your Base set from Monsterpocalypse and maybe even a few more of Monsterpocalypse Now. I’m definitely hoping to pick up a Voltron set.
I am also hoping to work away at the Cheapass games as well as pick up a few new games.

Since I don’t have the game room I hoped I would, I don’t have the incentive to chase down the Heroclix big figures as I don’t have anywhere to display them. The storage unit does allow me to pick up some more goodies and store them away - but it's not quite the same.

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