Monday, August 8, 2011

Room excavation

I’ve gotten into the corners and gotten most of the boxes out. At this point, I still have the closet full of models and the two desks to clear off. I picked up some more tubs from Home Depot and took another load to storage. I did more work on Saturday morning and more on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully tonight I’ll get some more big tubs to pack away the rest of the models and keep plugging away at the desks.

I have also cleared a bit more out of the family room where I have been pulling the boxes into in order to get to the rest of them. It’s also a bit of a staging area that I am using to sift the boxes together before taking to storage. I’m combining stuff that has been put in different boxes over the last 8 years together into the same boxes.

By this weekend I hope to see what we’re doing with the carpet and move the bed into that room for the boy. When I cleared into the corner, I also cleaned an end off of the desk that we are leaving to put in the spare TV. He’s got it hooked up to his x-box so he’s been spending quality time in his new room already.

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