Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Room - basically done.

We picked up the bed and dresser last night and brought it over. I had to glue two of the drawers but otherwise it was in pretty good shape. We set the bed in and put the dresser beside it. We moved the metal cabinet over by the desk and turned the TV so it was viewable from the bed.
It’s starting to look like a room.

I still need to work away at cleaning out the desk but he can start moving his clothes in to the dresser and closet and start getting settled.

Task 1 – basically done. There is still a bit of stuff on the extra desk that needs to be moved but that is now a lower priority.

Still need to get G’s room adjusted once his stuff is out of it. That is not a big change.
Still need to finish cleaning and rearranging the family room.
Then I can move the stuff from the kitchen down there.

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