Friday, August 26, 2011

more headway

I got downstairs last night and put some more work into it. I cleared off the bed in the family room and packed down a few more boxes which got moved into the storage room. Which I suppose is technically ‘my new room’. I also picked up some nice packing boxes and put a few together for use with the books.

If I can get some of the books boxed up tonight I can take them with the boxes I have to the storage unit tomorrow. I need to empty out two bookcases worth. One of the bookcases will go into storage and the other will go into the boy’s room. With those two out of the family room, it should free up enough space to tuck the other desk behind the door and then I can move my desk out of D3’s room.

The carpet is looking not too bad so far. With a carpet cleaning, it may be able to be kept for now. That means that he can start moving clothes downstairs into the closet. We can take over my old bed and dresser from my folk’s place and he can decide where everything goes.

This should give him a week or two to settle before school while I plug away at the family room.

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