Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wayne Gretzky is a Torch hog!

We watched the opening ceremonies on Friday night. We thought the digital effects that they were projecting on the floor and pillars were stunning. We were quite amused at all the small countries with 1 – 5 athletes. The big finish at the end the three of four pillars still looked impressive. Wayne Gretzky carrying the torch to the outside cauldron though – he used up a bunch of torches.
He swaps one on the way out and swaps it again in the back of the truck. If he also did part of the regular torch run then he had used four torches. That seems a bit greedy to me. It was funny listening to the announcer though - going on about how he must be using a special torch as they normally only last 15 minutes. I suppose he missed the part on the back of the truck where Wayne has a torch in each hand.

We also took the kids to the mint on Saturday. They had some of the medals on display there. They are quite heavy. Since it’s been over twenty years since the last ones in Canada, I thought it would be keen for them to see.

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