Friday, February 26, 2010

Cultural Shirt - phone

I grew up in the seventies and eighties. Even then there had been a large cultural shift in technology. Since then there has been another shift.

Everybody had a phone – at home. There were payphones around that cost a quarter and you could use if you were out and about. If you were away from home people either got no answer when they called or a few people had an answering machine. If you were home and the phone rang, you couldn’t find out who was calling unless you actually answered the phone. A mobile phone meant that you had a phone in your car. Pagers allowed people to keep up on important messages – you would have to call in to find out what the message was though. Later models allowed a simple message to be displayed. People also were getting into cb radios that would allow you to talk to strangers while on the road.

Now most people have a cell phone and some don’t even have a regular phone. Most of the phones also take photos, send text messages and even allow access to the internet. Call display and voicemail are standard features on phones. If you are in a car accident, not only can you use your phone to call for a tow truck but you can also take pictures as well.

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