Saturday, April 11, 2009

It lives! again

Everyone seems to have a computer guy. That is, a friend or relative who is more knowledgeable than them about computers and whom they ask for help whenever some computing issue comes up. For my mom, that's my brother and I. Shan's the one for her mom.

With us, that's my good friend JP. The 'Franken Puter' we currently use was originally created from parts close to 10 years ago by him. I have swapped out the power supply a few times and added a dvd rewriter and a video card, but any real issues I get him to check.

Shan had gotten an old computer tower from work. It had been free but she figured we could use at least some of the parts - and we have. I hap popped the case and tried to fire it up but had been stopped by being unable to create or find a boot disk.

JP had taken both towers and had been able to upgrade what we're been limping along with. He kept our tower, power supply, dvd drive and video card and replaced the cpu, hard drive, and motherboard. So now instead of a tired and flaky 128mb/20G computer, we seem to have a clean and stable 512mb/40G platform. The memory is not yet an issue - we hadn't even filled half of the old one in the 10 years we were online with it.
It's nice. It's working very fine. I can update this at home now and Diablo 2 plays stable without the video locking up every twenty minutes. We're very pleased. Now if I can just keep the rest of the family from loading tons of games on it.
A very special thank you to JP and thanks to the computer guys everywhere. You guys do good work and we really appreciate it.

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