Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toaster Oven

Before getting married, I used to use the toaster oven a lot. In the middle of the night, or whenever, I would make grilled wiener sandwiches. I would take two hot dogs, split lengthwise, place them on a buttered piece of bread and put a piece of cheese on top of the other piece of bread and then toast. It was a nice, warm snack that was easy to make at 2 in the morning. I would put a piece of tin foil down over the racks to help catch the grease and make clean-up easy. Or so I thought.

After getting married and setting the toaster oven on fire a few times I realized that my mother must have been cleaning out the oven after me all those years; and that my wife wasn’t.
It made the toaster oven much less useful.

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