Monday, January 5, 2009

Heroclix - 2009 goal

Even though our dollar faded near the end of the year, I was still able to make great progress at filling in my Heroclix sets. I added Infinity Challenge, Clobbering Time, Indy, and Critical Mass to the completed sets. I’m now close on Unleashed (0+1), Ultimates (9+7), Mutant Mayhem (4+9), Legacy (9+11), Fantastic Forces (3+4), Armor Wars (17+1), Collateral Damage (10+1), Supernova (12+0), Avengers (0/4), Justice League (0/7), Mutations & Monsters (1/6), Crisis (0/12), and Secret Invasion (3/7). I’m still working away at Sinister (27+3), Origin (23+2), and Arkham Asylum (34/12).
I have the 2007 Galactus, the Starro, and the ComicCon Fin Fan Foom.

Right now, I still need 239 figures – 152 REVs and 87 U/SRs. This easily clears my goal for last year.

With the future of Heroclix up in the air right now, I’ll set my goals modestly for this year – not knowing how many new sets will be released (between 0 and 4). By the end of the year, I want to be under 150 to 200 figures (depending on if any new sets get released) keeping the Uniques/Super Rares under 100. I’d like to get the Spectre, one of the Phoenix’s, as well as at least another of the Fooms.

With no new Horrorclix sets coming out, I’d like to finish at least the base set and The Lab and get some of Freakshow and Nightmares. I’m at 170 figures right now – I’d like that to be under 100 by next year.

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