Monday, October 6, 2008

Where we've been before

My kids went with my folks after breakfast yesterday so we were able to pop in to the flea markets to kill some time without being inundated with request to buy more stuff they don’t need. We haven’t been to them in a while.
The Mandalay Flea Market has shrunk significantly. There was nothing that caught our eye, except some orange leather that we passed on for now. I did find the new Tandy/Leather Ranch location though.
The Ellice flea market used to be mostly empty but has really filled up. There was a nice mix – I actually got a Polar Lights Enterprise for $5 – more about it below.
The Mulvey Market was quite full. It also goes through cycles. It was pretty fun – with a fair amount of relevant stuff. There was a liqueur set with the Blade Runner glasses – but I already have one.

The Enterprise is the reissue one. It is a snap model that someone partially tried to put together, and had tape holding on the nacelle. It also had some of the stickers applied – including one right over the tape. It also had the decal sheet.
It is missing a new nacelle but does have the variant pair. It should let me scale up the ships for Star Trek Ship Battle game. I had been half-heartedly meaning to get one for a few years now. Now to get the Klingon ship.

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