Thursday, October 16, 2008

MBCC 2008

The Manitoba Comic Con was held last weekend at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. The space was ideal for it. It gave lots of room in the aisles between the dealers and artists. The gaming space was set up nicely.
The guest’s alley was a lot brighter than last year. The only thing that could have been easily improved was having the guest’s names behind them instead of just their pictures.

They were saying they had sold 2000 tickets by Saturday morning – not sure how many of that includes presale tickets for Sunday – but it didn’t feel crowded. I could easily believe a turnstile attendance of 4000 – 5000. Beyond that, I’d want to do the math again.

There wasn’t a lot that I felt a need to buy. We did get pictures and signatures from Justin Hartley (Green Arrow), Helen Slater (Supergirl / Laur-el), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Gerrit Graham (Beef, Q), and even Charlie Adler (Cow, Chicken, Starscream).
There was also some photo ops set up so the kids got their photos with ewoks, mogwai, and even an Ecto-1.

The kids dressed up on the Saturday as Princess Leia and Obi-Wan and D3 wore the Obi-Wan again on Sunday. They didn’t enter the costume contest as they had not made the costumes themselves, they would have had to (rightly) compete in the Journeyman category instead of the Young Fan.
The costumes were pretty good but the contest had two common problems. The costumers didn’t do much more than walk out on stage, turn around, and walk off. They should have at least paused and posed so that we could get photos as they didn’t gather after for pictures. Secondly, they didn’t have anything planned for the dead time between the costumes being presented and the judges’ verdict so we just sat around with nothing going on.

I did finally get to see Jamie’s Warhound and also ran into Chris McL again. I did get to see Monsterpocalypse which looks so pretty.

It’s tempting to get into but I’m not sure I can get involved in another collectable miniature game. I might get a starter and see how the rules play. It does look very upsize-able though. I also got to talk to Brian about upsizing some games for next year.

All-in-all, it was another good time. I hope they did well enough to be able to have another one.

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