Friday, March 20, 2015

New 40K set and codices

I hadn’t even managed to get up to speed on the 6th edition of Warhammer 40K when they release an even newer edition last May. I received a 7th edition set for Christmas and, with the current lower gas prices leaving me a bit of extra money, I picked up a few of the new codices.

With the change to 6th edition, they changed the format of the codex to be a hardcover book. Those of us who were with the game since Rogue Trooper recall the problems that Games Workshop used to have with the binding on their hardcovers, but they have long since solved their issues.

I already had a 6th edition Chaos Space Marine codex that I picked up when I got the (now old) boxed set - Dark Vengeance, but have been watching the old codices get replaced by the 6th and now the 7th editions without picking up any as they churned through the updates. The main reason I got the Chaos Space Marine was because it was the first 6th edition codex and the boxed set included both Chaos and Dark Angels figures.

The four codices I picked up were Tyranid and Imperial Knights from the 6th edition and Orks and Space Wolves from 7th edition. That’s two of the last three sixth editions and the first two seventh editions. I’m working (or at least planning to work) on my Tyranid army, and the boy and I both like the Space Wolves so we’ll work on that as well. I also picked up even more Orks a few years ago with the fifth edition – including gargants.

The Imperial Knights seem so cool but the codex only has 6 pages of actual rules – describing the 2 variants of Imperial knights. The models are also crazy expensive but there are a few sites that have papercraft models that you can use, plus you can make an army with three models. It’s only a matter of finding the time to make them and the space to store them.

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