Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finally - Fluxx

I finally played Fluxx.  I had been hearing about it for well over a decade (the basic game has been around since 1996) and had seen the Star Fluzz variant on Tabletop which finally made me get a copy of the Cthulhu Fluxx.  This has been sitting around waiting for a few months but we took it on holidays with a bag of games to play.
If you haven’t heard of Fluxx, I’ll explain it briefly.  It’s a card game where the rules change during the course of play.  You start with a hand of five cards and get to draw one card and play one card each turn.  The cards you play can affect how many cards you can draw, play, and hold, as well as adding goals which give you a way to win the game.  In addition to the basic game, they have many variants with different themes their own modifiers.

We played a number of games over the weekend with my kids and nieces including Cthulhu Fluxx.   My kids know only the basics of the Cthulhu mythos and they have played Cthulhu Gloom but the nieces hadn’t much exposure before.  We lost more games than we won due to the Ungoals – which were conditions that would cause all players to lose.
We had enough fun that when we came across a Monty Python Fluxx game while shopping that week we snapped it up.  The Monty Python Fluxx was a bit easier to play but the theme was lost on my nieces – who hadn’t really been exposed to much Monty Python.  This will have to be rectified at the next time we visit them.  My favorite moment in this set of games was the first time one of the nieces played the Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, card and my son and I both drew a card but my daughter and nieces had no idea why.

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