Monday, July 29, 2013

Been busy - part 2 - daughter's room

At the beginning of July we took everything out of my daughter’s room.  We took the bunk beds apart and took them over to my folks.  We removed the carpeting, curtains, and baseboards.  I washed the walls and filled a bunch of the holes with drywall putty.  

My dad came over and helped again as we put in laminate flooring.  We painted the long walls a lighter blue and the short walls a dark blue.  Both short walls have the windows so it helps with the darkness.

We also popped into IKEA and picked up a pull-out daybed for her that we assembled.  We added back the baseboards and new curtains – having to putty and paint to repair the new holes as we repositioned them.  She has almost finished putting all her stuff back.

I am painting a board to hang her coat hooks back on and need to repair the window crank on one of her windows plus any painting touchups need from that.  She has to decide where she wants all her wall hangers and where her new bed netting will be.  Then we will be done for now – except for having to keep fixing her dresser drawers – as she has a tendency to keep pulling off the faces and pushing out the bottoms.

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