Friday, June 7, 2013

shingles redone!

We finally got the roof done. We had been hoping to get it done last fall but with the constant rain and early snow we were not able to get it done before the winter. So we had some leaking in the spring melting and rains.

The company who did our roof, John Henry, had given us a quote last fall and Shan had picked out the shingles last year. When the snow was finally melting, we got back in touch with them to confirm that we still wanted to proceed.

They came and we had to pick the shingles again. Then we didn’t hear from them for a bit. One day we came home and saw flashing on out front steps – but we had no message on the machine. The boy had said that they had come by in the afternoon and had dropped off shingles on the roof.

The next day they showed up after we had left for work and by the time we had come home they were mostly done. We were very impressed with the speed and quality of the work. Even better, the quote turned out to not just be for the back part of the roof as we had thought but rather for the entire roof.

We had heavy rain since then and no leaks.

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