Friday, June 29, 2012

Tsuro - still denied - Thanks Wil!

We popped back into Game Knight to see if Tsuro and Get Bit! Had come in – but they were still on backorder. They only had the Mayfair version of Hey, That’s My Fish – with the wooden pieces. They did have a bunch of the Castle Panics though – I may have to pop back and pick one up.

My wife, who loves me, had bought me a Deluxe Hey, That’s My Fish from Kite and Kaboodle. It’s the Mayfair version but comes with the painted plastic penguins instead of the wooden shapes. She paid a bit more for it than I would have but she was annoyed at not being able to get a Tsuro or Get Bit! At least this way I won’t have to paint them – my painting vs buying total isn’t so good lately.

My daughter and I have already played it a few times. It seems simple enough with a fair amount of replayability. The penguins are a good size and the hexes make a board that fits nicely on our coffee table. The only odd thing is the rules mention to shuffle the tiles face down but our tiles are double sided – with fish on both sides. This doesn’t really affect play as you have to adjust the board anyways if the higher-fish floes clump together.

If I can’t find a Tsuro or Get Bit! I may have to make a temporary copy for us to play until they finally restock. Both games are pretty simple to replicate and the rules are basic enough to remember.

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