Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Fish - bigger or smaller box?

After Keycon, I had popped into Game Knight to check out some games that we had played at the convention. Game Knight had been a sponsor and had a table of games that you could borrow to play. They had Lascaux but did not have Tsuro or Get Bit! in stock. They said that they had both on order and took my name to call me when they came in.

It’s now been a month and I haven’t heard from them.

I finally managed to pop into Kite and Kaboodle at the Forks over the weekend. They have a facebook page and when I asked if they had Tsuro they said they too had it on order and it might have come in but it hadn’t.

While I was there I did see the box for Hey, That’s My Fish. I had heard a bit about this game as well but the box was smaller than I thought. In checking it out online at BGG, I find that there were 2 versions – one a bit bigger than the other. The bigger one also has painted figures instead of merely colored ones. I’m not sure it’s worth the extra money for the bigger box – but we’ll see.

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