Monday, January 23, 2012

Furry addition to family

Gee had wanted a dog for about a year now. We had been putting it off until after the renovations but since that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, we told her we would get her one for her birthday. So we had popped into the Humane Society to check out our options.

Gee had been keeping a close eye on their website to see what they had available but they were very cute in person. We found a nice dog, Princess, that was adorable. But when we went to see about her, we found that she was a little too enthusiastic for D3.

When we went back after boxing day, we found an older dog that looked a lot like Princess but was a lot more docile. She was a sweetie and we decided to adopt her. (We also found out that Princess was finally getting adopted that day!)
When we filled out the forms and went to pay for her though, someone came up and told us that someone had come in before Christmas and paid for her. At first we thought that they meant that someone had already bought her – but they meant that someone had come in and prepaid for her adoption to whoever chose her.

We were very touched and want to thank our mysterious benefactor.

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