Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Figure buying total - 2010

While a steady stream of bits came my way, the only model that had enough bits come in to complete it was the Trygon. I have most of the bits for a Carnifex, Battlewagon, and Tyranid Warriors, as well as a lot of rippers (that I won't count until I put them together in swarms), but the Trygon was the only one completed. Now I can clean the bits and assemble before tossing on the to-be-painted pile.

I managed to finish another year with nothing painted to completion. On the positive side, this adds to the figures I could potentially paint in the new year. I did start some Space Wolves including a Razorback, assembled a Drop Pod and an Ork Truck, and almost finished some western figures.

40K Trygon/Mawloc (in bits) – 1

Dec figures bought – 1, figures painted – 0

Running total 2010 – figures bought 98, figures painted 0

- - -
In looking back at last year's total of 331/0 compared to 98/0 for this year I am certainly trending in the right direction. Even if I correct this year to be 99/0 - as I did pick up a USS Enterprise model in Oct that I didn't count to this total but should have as I counted the Klingon D-7 towards the 2009 total.
My bigest purchase was the 72 52mm cowboys and indians I had bought early in the year. Without them I would have only been a slim 27 purchased - but then I might not have been inspired to at least start the painting of them (even though I didn't finish - yet).

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