Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Laser Jungle

We were at the Laser Jungle for D3’s birthday party. It was quite fun and the staff was very nice. I haven’t played lasertag since my Bachelor party at the Dark Zone but it seemed to be about the same.
The environment was good – with a few different areas and levels – including a bunker and a jungle. The first game was a free-for-all and Gaby and I hung together and managed to keep shooting each other. The second game was a team event and it seems that I’m better than a room full of elementary kids. Woo-hoo me!
If you can get 12 people together (or are willing to pay for 12) you can get a private party – which keeps out the regular wahoos and leaves you with the wahoos you know. Now the kids are trying to convince Shan to have hers and Michelle’s birthday there.

If it was closer it would probably be more of an option – but it is in Stonewall so it’s only a 15-20 minute drive from our end of the city.

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