Monday, December 14, 2009

GC-Minis delivers

I got my shipment from GC-Minis late last week. They were super-fast for shipping time.
I now have the new Warhammer boxed set and the new 40K boxed set. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the figures included within. I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't an intro set of scenarios to follow like there was with the Battle for Macragge set. I guess I'll have to dig out my old Ork figures and see what I can put together for an army.
For the Warhammer set, I had a bunch of dwarves from before but I only really ever got around to painting the Slayers. The night goblins will help bulk out the old ones I have from the other boxed set. I also got some more spider riders online to give me 20 figures.

I'm going to be so far behind in my figure painting list.

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