Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Figure painting versus buying total

One of the sites I visit – Matakishi’s Tea House lists his monthly figure painting total – with figures painted versus figures bought. He also has some great looking terrain projects that he has done and some great tutorials. He isn’t updating as much as he used to though.

Since I just bought a bunch of Starship Troopers figures and have hopes of painting again this year, I figured I would start to keep track. Since I probably have at least several hundred and at most about 2K figures already, it should be not improbable to stay ahead of the curve.

I had picked up a box of SST Spiders on Saturday at Imagine Games so my February total is:
Painted: 0
SST boxed set 20 Arachnids / 10 troopers
Powersuit boxed set – 8 troopers
Chickenhawk and Ape Marauders – 1 each
Hoppers and Blaster/Blister boxed sets – 3 each
Plasma bug – 1 figure
Spiders boxed set – 3 figures

Feb - figures bought 50, figures painted 0
2009 total - same

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