Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Want to know more?

My big score of Starship Troopers figures came in Monday and I was able to get it from the Post Office yesterday. I had to pay $13.75 in duty but that was fine. It was nice and big and heavy.

The kids and I were very happy to open it and see the goodies within. I had already picked up the rulebooks but now have a second set as well as RPG books. Figure-wise, I got the starter boxed set, another Power suit box, a Chickenhawk and an Ape Marauder, and boxes of 3 Hoppers, 3 Blaster/Blister bugs, and a Plasma bug. It's a whole lot of miniature goodness waiting for some time to properly clean, assemble, and paint.

I had to set the figs aside for a bit now though. I still have my son’s figures from the Battle for Macragge set at the top of my painting queue. I do have a week off coming up in March though.

Running total 2009 - figures bought 47, figures painted 0

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