Sunday, June 18, 2017

Disney Trip 2016 - day 9 - Magic Kingdom - part 1

On the Monday we went back to the Magic Kingdom.

We had a character meeting with Tink, who was adorable.

Then we went through to Cinderella's Castle Royal Table for our big character breakfast. We got to meet Cinderella in her throne room before brunch, and saw Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Jasmine during the breakfast. Shan and I had the beef tenderloin and egg frittatas - it was amazing.
It's a pricey experience - the princesses were also available to meet next door where Cheryl saw them. Outside the castle they have the sword in the stone so we tried our luck.

We made our way around to meet Merida - being stuck outside by the rain before finally meeting her. I had some concerns. They swapped out the one with the crazy eyes just before us, but the one that we met was lovely.

All of us but D3 used Cheryl's Fast Pass and rode the 7 Dwarfs' Mine Car roller coaster. Shannon always closes her eyes on the coasters, so to her they are all dark rides.

We then finally rode the carousel. It's a big one - 5 horses deep. Shan had worries that the belt might not fit but adults didn't need to wear them.

We didn't see Gaston's statue, but went back around and rode the Haunted Mansion again. The gift shop is across the street from the mansion but we never did make it inside this trip.

We just missed the paddlewheel and almost went on the Bear Country Jamboree but decided to get the Riverboat first.
After finally riding the Riverboat, we waited about 10 minutes and watched the Bear Country Jamboree.

We made it around in time to catch the parade again, before making it around to the Tiki Room, which only had a 10 minute wait.

We were going to do Splash Mountain, but we were Cheryl-ed again, as all outside rides were shut down due to lightning within 7 miles. We couldn't even finish our train ride around the park.

We made it back to the front of the park and took the Monorail over to Epcot.

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