Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Books read - January to April 2017

Silver Screens on the Prairie by Russ Gourluck
Doctor Who Miniatures Game 2nd edition by Graeme Dawson
In Her Majesty’s Name – Steampunk Skirmish Wargaming Rules by Craig Cartmell & Charles Murton
Heroes, Villains and Fiends by Charles Murton & Craig Cartmell
Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun by Craig Cartmell & Charles Murton
The World’s Great Religions: Volume 1: Religions of the East by The Editors of Life
The Smart Approach to Kid’s Rooms by Megan Connelly
John Hughes: A Life in Film by Kirk Honeycutt
The World’s Great Religions: Volume 2: Religions of the West by the Editors of Life
The Flash and the Arrow by Knight Models
Honours of War by Keith Flint

The World’s Great Religions: Volume 3: The Glories of Christendom by the Editors of Life
Tabletop Wargames by Rick Priestley & John Lambshead
Time/Life Books: The Epic of Flight: Knights of the Air by Ezra Bowen
No Strings Attached: The Inside Story of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop by Matt Bacon
Always Fresh: The Untold Story of Tim Hortons by the Man Who Created a Canadian Empire by Ron Joyce with Robert Thompson

Codex Dark Angels (6th edition) by Jeremy Vetock
The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Evolution by Dougal Dixon
Assassin’s Creed Unity: Abstergo Entertainment Employee Handbook by Christie Golden
The Making of Dune by Ed Naha
Walt Disney Imagineering – A behind the Dreams Look at Making MORE Magic Real by the Imagineers

Walt Disney World: The First Decade
Watchmen – The Art of the Film by Peter Aperlo
Watching the Watchmen by Dave Gibbens, Chip Kidd, Mike Esel
DK Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded by Simon Beecroft and Pablo Hidalgo
The Disney Book: A Celebration of the World of Disney by Jim Fanning
Beautiful Creatures: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion by Mark Cotla Vaz
Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier
Sorry, Wrong Answer: Trivia Questions That Even Know-It-Alls Get Wrong by Rod L. Evans, Ph.D.
Codex Tau Empire (6th edition) by Jeremy Vetock

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