Friday, October 28, 2016

Can you puzzle it together?

This year I played in the Mezzacotta Online puzzle challenge.  While I was only able to solve 2 of the 26 puzzles, I was able to make solid headway in almost half of them.  I was the only person on my team and was able to place 203 out of the 231 teams that scored points.  There were also 88 teams that had signed up but did not solve any puzzles, and 3 teams that were disqualified.  This would make me a more respectable 203 out of 322.

I was still only able to score 7 out of a possible 130 points.  They released 5 puzzles a day for 5 days.  If you solved them on the first day they were worth 5 points.  When they released the next day’s puzzles, they would also release a clue for each of the previous puzzles and reduce the score for solving that puzzle. After 3 clues, the solution would only score 2 points. After all the puzzles were released, the answers could be used to solve a final Meta puzzle.

I had good fun. While I only solved 2 puzzles, 33 teams were able to solve all 26 puzzles. On one of the days the five puzzles were linked together, meaning that you had to solve one to be able to solve the others. I was unable to solve this set.

I'm going to have to see if I can get any of my friends interested in next year's challenge but, if not, I'm definitely in for another try.      

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