Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bubble suits - Zoltan!

For Halloween parties we made costumes again. This year went as followers of Zoltan from Dude, Where’s My Car?  A version of this was available at Spirit of Hallowen but there are a few differences from the movie – the biggest being a top and pants instead of a jumpsuit as well as Velcro closures compared to snaps.
Ours are a bit incorrect as well – we grabbed the small bubbles instead of the more accurate larger bubbles. The other concern was the sizing – making our bubble suits allowed us to make sure the fit our various sizes. There still is a bit of tailoring to make them fit a bit closer, but easy to fix.

We laid out the bubble wrap over a pair of pants to measure them for size.  The seams were joined with medium weight packing tape.  A double layer of packing tape along the middle seam gave enough of a solid material to allow the pop snaps to grab without pulling through the plastic.  We measured the top part against a long sleeve shirt

We wore a black tshirt instead of the muscle shirt as well as the black shorts.  The plastic doesn't really breath so it keeps warm enough for inside wear.  I brought along some extra packing tape for seam repair but didn't need it.

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