Monday, September 30, 2013

Neca sets - Pacific Rim and KA2

It seems to be another year when Neca is pumping out a lot of Heroclix sets.  I picked up the Pacific Rim and KA2 starter sets and need to get the rest of the singles.  Neither of these had really been mentioned on the site.

The Pacific Rim set comes with a Gipsy Danger and a Slattern - not the Knifehead that it shows on the back.  Both figures are visible in the package so this is not too much of a concern.  Also included is a tiny 3 x 8 map on a four-folded board as well as 32 pogs for tanks, jets, and battleships.  These figure seem to be part of the basic 10 figures available in the single figure counter packs.  What it is missing is a basic heroclix rulebook explaining any of the special abilities on the dials - instead coming with a very simple rule set to be able to play with the figures given ignoring the special abilities.

I also picked up 6 single figure packs - getting only one duplicate.  I now have all the Kaiju and two of the Jaegers - Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka.  I'll probably pick up the remaining 3 figures on the secondary market.

The KA2 starter is a great fit for the Heroclix system – I snapped it up as soon as I saw it.  The 6 figures in the starter are in addition to the 11 available in single figure counter packs.  There are a few interesting things about this set – mostly having to do with the names. 

The set is notably missing Colonel Stars and Stripes (and Eisenhower).  I suppose with Jim Carrey’s disillusionment of the violence, he has not allowed his image out.  Also missing is Dave’s friend’s Todd in his inverted A**-Kicker costume.   

The characters that have names that might be questionable instead are marked with their secret identities.  Kick-A** is listed as Dave Lizewski, Mother-F***** is listed as Chris D'Amico, and Night B***** is listed as Miranda Swedlow.  Since a big part of the movie involves finding out their secret identities, this makes it a bit odd.

I haven't picked up any single figure packs for KA2 yet but probably will.  Any dupes of KA, MF, or NB I can always fix the names or repaint a KA to an AK - using a Battle Guy dial.

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