Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Renovations - Bathfitters - update

There were a few issues with the bathtub surround that we had done. Because we were under warranty we had Bathfitters come in to fix them. Some were so small as to not bother them but we had a few bigger ones so we had them fix them all.

Within days of being installed, one of the little plastic nubs to cushion the doors had fallen off – but I picked up a sheet of them and fixed that right away. One of the pull rings had been caught by the door and was very loose – they fixed that. The ceiling piece kept drooping down – they replaced the adhesive tape with a stronger tape. The divider for the doors popped off – they fixed that and now screwed it down. The one door often slides open and they also noticed some pitting around the tub door frame – they use a new frame and will replace that at another time.

Otherwise they were good about the repairs and we are again very happy. Once the roof is finally fixed, and we fix the ceilings, we may move and upgrade the fan and have them repair the hole. That will have to wait for now though.

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