Monday, February 11, 2013

Van - brakes and head gasket

The brake warning light came on in the van. When we had it checked out last week it was leaks in the front cylinders and the self-adjusting calipers in the back. All told, it worked out to almost $800 in repairs. We had it done and they threw in an oil change since the oil was low and dirty (odd since I had just had the oil changed in October).

When we got the van back it didn’t have any heat. Well, it did have enough heat to eventually defrost the front window but it just felt like cold air blowing. So we took it back on Saturday to have them check it out. It turns out that the antifreeze was low about 4 litres. They called and asked if we wanted to do a pressure test to see where it was leaking. As much as we feared the worst, we went ahead with it and it came back that the head gasket was leaking. Repairs would total almost two and a half grand. With the age of the vehicle, we had to really think about it for a few days but decided to go ahead with it.

I dropped the van off on Monday and we just got it back today.  In the mean time, I've been driving a Dodge Grand Caravan.  It's not bad as a choice if we can't get a Windstar/Freestar as a newer vehicle.  We were thinking about getting a newer vehicle anyways so this allows us a bit more time to look.

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