Thursday, September 13, 2012

new bank - renovations partially on

Since our mortgage was up for renewal anyways, we spoke to a new bank and they were much more helpful in the matter of finding money for renovations. Shan’s been dealing with them for a bit and I went down on Tuesday to sign a bunch of forms to move our mortgage. Shan’s also been getting estimates for a bunch of different renovations.

We still weren’t able to get enough for the big renovations yet but we will be able to do a bunch of other renovations that also needed to get done. This includes replacing the tub surround, the kitchen counter, the flooring in the bathroom through kitchen, replacing the fence, adding a deck, adding air conditioning, and changing the kitchen window to a door.

In addition, since we won’t be putting a second floor above the kitchen/bathroom yet, we’re going to fix the roof on that side. It seems a bit of a waste to fix the roof now only to rip it off in (hopefully) a few years for the renovations but it really needed to be done. With it fixed we can repair some of the water damage at our own pace.

We already had the electrical panel replaced with a new one. The old one kept kicking off when we had any three of (washer, dryer, dehumidifier, oven, microwave, hair dryer, room air conditioner) on at the same time. Since the replacement, we have had no problems. This means we don’t have to keep resetting the clocks on everything all the time.

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