Friday, February 24, 2012

Heroclix - Fast Forces

Since NECA has taken over Heroclix, they have made a lot of new sets. They have also made some Gravity Feeds – which are mini sets consisting of single-figure boxes for a few of their releases. They have also made some ‘Fast Forces’ sets which consist of a clamshell containing about 8 figures and a map. Since I love the maps, I’m trying to make sure I get the Fast Forces sets while I can even if I’m not getting the regular sets (yet).

For Christmas, I got the Warriors of Asgard (from Hammer of Thor) and the Battle for Smallville (from Superman). When I tried to get the two sets in between, the local store to us no longer had any. Since Galaxy had let me down, I tried Pendragon Games and Comic Factory IV but they didn’t have the missing sets either.
Before trying online, I gave Maxx Collectibles a call and they did have one of the sets. Since I would have to travel to the other end of the city, I also called face-Off Sportscards. They had both sets in stock so I popped over to see them on the way home and picked up Crimebusters! (from Watchmen) and Green Lantern Corps (from the Green Lantern gravity feed).

So the only one that I am now missing is the newest one Smash! (from the Incredible Hulk set). I’ll probably pick that one up this weekend.
I’m also looking into picking up a few figures from the Gravity Feeds – depending on whether the random factor outweighs the online cost of buying the figures individually.

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