Monday, July 13, 2009

Amazon - Chapters

So, the book I needed for the Game Design course wasn't in any of the local stores or even the library. I was tempted to order it from Amazon but ended up ordering it from Chapters. I had some concern - as they had a 2-3 week lead time but it came very fast. I had ordered it on June 30 and it had shipped on July 3 and I picked it up on July 10.
I was very impressed with the turn-around time. It had been listed as a hardcover but came in a softcover. The price wasn't too much more that what it would have cost from Amazon after shipping.
Plus Erin was at the counter when I picked it up and she's a real sweetie.

I'm probably going to give them another try for the Sky Galleons of Mars book. I can't find any good deals on ebay with shipping that would be much cheaper than what I could get it for from Chapters.

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