Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meat Head - directions

Start by adding your garnish to the tray. If you are using the reduced Jello, more power to you. If you are using the fruit roll-ups, start with a strip from ear to ear and from forehead to the back. Build up a coverage over the entire skull - this gives the first layer of meat a bit of a grip and, should they get to it, a bit more gore at the end.

This is the skull completely covered. If your roll-ups are fresh, this should be easy. You may moisten your fingers to help with the joining if needed (use a glass of water). I have also added the olives in the open tomatoes for the eyes. You can also use yolks from boiled eggs or boiled eggs themselves.

I usually start with a layer of ham on the inside as it has a nice fleshy color. It may not be kosher - but I don't think a head of meat should be. You may need to cut some of the slices into smaller pieces as needed for the nose and fold pieces for the lips.

Depending on the look you are going for, you can also other meats for additional layers. We usually use turkey or chicken, but you can also use roast beef or even corned beef for a nice burned look. Ham itself leaves a nice flayed look.

In this case we used roast beef for hair and eyebrows. As a final garnish, we sprinkled a bit of rice on the head to simulate maggots.

Wrap the head in saran wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve. Have bread and condiments as needed, as well as forks and plates.



MylesH said...


PamelaS said...

I work for a very large hair salon and day spa in Houston. All the employees get into the "spirit" with our annual costume contest. Clients book their appointments on the day of our costume contest and people drop by just to see everyone in costume (there are 62 of us). This year...."Meat Head" will be a star attraction for our clients! Thanks for the great idea!

Anny said...

I love the pictures of these skull with meat products. what is that red on the skull?

David said...

The red on the skull is fruit roll-ups. Cherry in this case.

Kelly Hansen said...

What type of rolls or other food did you serve with the Meat Head?

David said...

We usually bring this to a friend's Halloween party. They have had buns and bread - to make sandwiches.
As well, they usually have a punch, cheese plate, pickles, cake, etc.